Information Technology
Information Technology (I.T) is a product of globalization that makes the working environment efficient thus enhancing the rate of productivity. It has open doors to the outside world as communication became much easier and convenient. Due to this a lot of avenues, business opportunities, and jobs are opening up. The problem of keeping records into files are removed through the help of computers and its applications. It is the gift of IT that people are able to work from anywhere in the world.

Telecommunication industry is one of the biggest means to hold the communication among people these days. Gone are those days of an old phone with wire, with the invention of mobile phones there is a boom in this industry as more and more people got attracted and associated with this industry. New business are open both on small as well as large scale. The advancement in the field of technology brought high speed broadband facilities and its usage is increasing the revenue of the country.

The semiconductor industry is the aggregate collection of companies engaged in the design and fabrication of semiconductors. The semiconductor industry is in turn the driving force behind the wider electronics industry, Now with the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) picking up momentum, the next generation of interconnected devices would further increase the demand for intelligent computing, thereby creating sustainable demand for semiconductors.

The basis of how a company uses and implements computer networking technology arises from various industry factors. From how computer networking companies market their products and services, to how the regulation of said product occurs, is part of this overview. If your business were to use these services, it’s important to know how these factors affect pricing, construction and dissemination of networking technology.

The storage industry is about to change radically. With the FC SAN going away, filers converting to object storage and price points dropping like a rock, vendors with an end-user sales model based on large gross margin will struggle to stay afloat. Many will migrate into software/support models over the next few years, but this place them in a competitive market against open-sourced solutions and new startups.

The only certainty in today’s business environment is that everything is uncertain; the business environment has become highly fluid and dynamic Consumers are making informed purchase decisions sitting in the comfort of their drawing room or even during travel etc. by scanning specification of products and getting it delivered right at their doorstep by using custom made Apps. E-Commerce players are able to offer hefty discount to consumers by adapting innovative application based technologies in Operations, and Supply chain. This change of consumer behaviour and rapid intrusion of digital technologies has changed economic and commerce forever and given birth to E-Commerce.